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Roy Williams Is Not Going to Coach the Lakers

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Times had a brief note yesterday afternoon adding Roy Williams' name to a very long list of people in the running to be the next coach of the Lakers. Being a slow afternoon on the college basketball beat, this led to a couple of breathless "Would he leave posts" from national outlets but most of the local folks ignored it, knowing that he's had the job dangled in front of him before. Three times, in fact, including the same post-Phil Jackson position that the coach down the road so publicly waffled about taking. Why would Williams leave UNC to take the job now? Simple; he wouldn't.

If you'd really like a pleasant diversion, however, head over to SBNation's Duke blog and watch them game out Williams' replacement were he to head to Cai-for-nigh-a. The prospects are mostly from the coaches who played for Dean Smith in his last decade, with particular complement paid to Jeff Lebo. If anything, it shows that neither Williams or Krzyzewski really has a big enough name in their coaching tree t take the reins at the moment. Look for another five years from both at their current positions.

(Another UNC alum, George Karl, is also on the shortlist for the Lakers job. I don't find him a particularly likely choice, but he is infinitely more probable than Williams. Kendall Marshall would positively thrive in a George Karl offense, though.)