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UNC Releases Statements from Carol Folt and Bubba Cunningham

Ronald Martinez

UNC Chancellor Carol Folt responded to the latest scandal news with a statement earlier today which was followed by one from athletic director Bubba Cunningham.

The long and short of Folt's message is the school cannot respond to every new item that is revealed which is why they hired Kenneth Wainstein to do a once-and-for-all probe into the AFAM scandal and any connections to UNC athletics.

In other words, wait for that report.

Cunningham offers a similar line of thought while also expressing support for Roy Williams and lauding former Tar Heels for speaking out on the coach's behalf.

Since Friday, there have been conversations inside and outside the Carolina Community about Roy Williams and Carolina Basketball. I am proud to see the outpouring of support from former players and the basketball community at large, which reinforces the respect, integrity and care of student athletes that Coach Williams has shown throughout his career. Current and former players from across the country have told me that Coach Williams and his staff have always placed a priority on self-accountability inside the classroom. I have witnessed this myself.

Everyone here at Carolina wants to know all we can about past academic and athletic anomalies. But speculation and innuendo should not replace the independent investigation currently being conducted by former federal prosecutor Kenneth Wainstein. We must allow his work to be complete and thorough.

The point really cannot be emphasized enough. Wainstein's report(which is the eighth probe into this matter) is to be the final word on this subject and speculation prior to that work being completed is largely fruitless. Wainstein has been given a free hand which included access to Debbie Crowder, cooperation from Julius N'yangoro and a mandate to go wherever the evidence leads. Until that report is issued, there is little more UNC can do other than continue with the reforms to correct the issues raised by the scandal, many of which are already in place and working.