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CBS: Britt's HS Coach Optimistic About Change in Shooting Hand

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Via Jeff Borzello at CBS Sports:

“Up through middle school, he shot the ball with both hands,” Steve Turner, who coached Britt at Gonzaga (D.C.), told

“A lot of people will tell you he's going to be a better right-handed shooter. Watch his body. It's more fluid, his body his more square to the basket. I'm predicting his percentages all go up.”

The bigger question here and one we likely won't get an answer for until someone actually asks Nate Britt personally is why he opted to go with the left hand if his shooting is better with the right hand? Both Turner, who coached Britt through his junior season and Oak Hill Academy's Steve Smith who had Britt as a senior seem to think the sophomore guard will shoot better with the right hand.

The more bizarre twist with this story may not be that Britt opted to change from left-handed to right-handed shooting but if he shows marked improvement why he ever shot left-handed in the first place.