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The $15 UNC Team

Grant Halverson

The NBA website Ball is Life put together a game whereby you have a list of five players at every position with a dollar amount from $5 down to $1 assigned each player. The goal is to spend only $15 to put together a starting lineup. WRAL Sports Fan adopted this game and assembled lists for Duke, NC State and North Carolina. Click here to see the list they came up with for the Tar Heels which includes the full length of UNC history.

The depth of UNC's program is downright ridiculous. Based on the WRAL list you could only spend $5 and get a team that has Kendall Marshall, Hubert Davis, Pete Brennan, Rasheed Wallace and Bob McAdoo. For $10 the team would have Raymond Felton, Wayne Ellington, Jerry Stackhouse, Billy Cunningham and Brad Daughtery. The possibilities are endless and whatever team you come up with will be really, really good.

For our purposes here, I have taken the players from the fantasy draft we did on this site in 2011 and produced our own list. The difference here is the pool of players we used then are what I like to call "THB Era" players which means they are individuals I actually remember seeing play or 1982- present. When we did the draft it did not include members of the current Tar Heel team which would have excluded the 2011 and 2012 teams. A couple of those players have been added in here. This list won't include active players though Marcus Paige is the only current Tar Heel who would have any hope of cracking the list.

Dollar Amt PG SG SF PF C
$5 Ty Lawson Michael Jordan Jerry Stackhouse James Worthy Tyler Hansbrough
$4 Raymond Felton Rashad McCants Vince Carter Antawn Jamison Sam Perkins
$3 Kendall Marshall Wayne Ellington Rick Fox George Lynch Brad Daughtery
$2 Kenny Smith Donald Williams Danny Green J.R. Reid Sean May
$1 Ed Cota Joseph Forte Harrison Barnes Rasheed Wallace
Tyler Zeller

Again, even limiting the pool to a 30 year period starting in 1982, you still have incredible options with plenty of good players left off the list like Eric Montross, John Henson and Derrick Phelps.

If you go back and look at the Duke and NC State lists, it is pretty clear that even your bargain basement Tar Heel lineup would beat most iterations from the other two local rivals.

Feel free to put together your team or debate which players have been included.