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THB Countdown Tournament: Play-in Game Result

#8 2003 96% #8 2002 4%

Let's just say there is no much love left out there for the 2002 team.

The voting for this match-up when the way you would think. Out of 126 votes, 2002 only got five. Bless those folks who are obviously eternal optimists or refuse to vote for any team with Rashad McCants on it. At any rate, 2003 moves on to the main bracket where the young Tar Heels will face the #1 overall seed 1982.

For the record, the GameSim over at SCACC Hoops had 2003 winning 12 out of 20 games with an average score of 71.5 to 71.2 in favor of 2003. THB Countdown Tournament: Play-in Game Result

Here is the updated bracket. The first round starts on Monday with the Dean Dome Regional.