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The Summer Interviews Begin

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With the legendary UNC pick-up games in full swing, we are also seeing the first rumblings of information regarding how the 2014-15 Tar Heel team is coming together. The first four summer practices are set to begin on Thursday and with the summer player interviews have started.

Inside Carolina hits the highlights of interviews with Jackson Simmons, Joel James and Desmond Hubert. One common thread across this trio's interview is the improvements of Kennedy Meeks and Nate Britt, something Adam Lucas touched on here.

So much for the succession of lefthanded Tar Heel point guards that included Kendall Marshall, Marcus Paige and Nate Britt...because Britt doesn't really count anymore.

That's because the rising sophomore is now a righthanded jump shooter. Britt has been working on the switch this summer, which will actually be a return to his past, when he shot jumpers with both hands through middle school.

The results looked positive earlier this week, when he knocked down a pair of three-pointers and a couple other two-point jumpers at the Smith Center. Britt made just three three-pointers in his entire freshman season, so converting four jumpers in one afternoon is reason for optimism.

Perhaps the quirkiest part of the switch, though, is that Britt is still shooting his free throws lefthanded. That's because although he shot just 36.7% from the field as a rookie, he made 79.4% of his free throws, including numerous big shots late in big games for the Tar Heels.

Meeks update: Another player who has made some offseason progress is Kennedy Meeks, who says he is currently playing at 277 pounds after being listed at 290 as a freshman. The lost weight has paid obvious dividends on the court, where the rising sophomore looks quicker off the floor and more nimble around the rim. He's probably still not going to throw down a tomahawk dunk over anyone just yet, but he looks more agile.

Quirky is an understatement when describing a player who shoots jump shots right-handed and free throws left-handed. However if it produces results then no one will care. Early pick-up game reports have indicated Britt's shooting stroke is much improved, even from three point range. The "hitch" seen in his left-handed jumpers is absent when shooting right-handed. If Britt turns into a decent shooter from three this season and the rest of his career, everyone will wonder why he ever shot using his left hand.

Kennedy Meeks also is getting rave reviews. His weight is down to 277 from the 290 he was listed at last season. Various observers have noted Meeks showing significant improvement in his game drawing this tweet from former Tar Heel PG Kendall Marshall.

Meeks turning into a legitimate scoring threat on the interior, Britt providing additional three point shooting and general improvement for everyone else is the ideal scenario that moves UNC from last season's third place in the ACC, first weekend NCAA Tournament exit to a legitimate contender for the ACC and the Final Four.

Then again, the summer reports are always glowing but seeing that no one's been arrested for anything or seen driving around a high-priced car, we probably shouldn't complain.