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Apparently Nate Britt Has Switched His Shooting Hand

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Make your Charles Shackleford jokes while you can.

Via WTVD's Mark Armstrong on Twitter.

I am not sure I have heard of this sort of thing before other than(as noted above) the Cleveland Cavaliers' Tristan Thompson doing it. While this might seem unusual according to UNC radio man Jones Angell Britt may have used his right hand to shoot the ball at some point prior to his UNC career.

The Inside Carolina thread in question is a report from a UNC basketball camp where Britt was seen shooting using his right hand. It is unclear at this point why Britt chose to make the change now and what the possible benefit to him or the team such a change would bring.

During his freshman year Britt shot 37% from two and was 3-12 from three.

UPDATE: Carolina Blue hass a screeshot of the Facebook page that broke the story. Also notes that Kennedy Meeks has lost more weight and "will be a problem."

UPDATE #2: The Fayetteville Observer's Bret Strelow has a quote from Oak Hill Academy's Steve Smith who coached Britt as a senior. Smith notes Britt had a better shooting form using his right hand.