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Mary Willingham Sues UNC(Told Using Seinfeld Clips)

Yes, this was about as unexpected as ninety degree weather on a July afternoon in North Carolina.

Former academic adviser and alleged whistle-blower Mary Willingham has filed suit against UNC for a hostile work environment and mistreatment in the wake of her public comments regarding academic irregularities at the school. WRAL has the full details here which you can read at your leisure.

Instead of boring you with analysis of the claims, I've decided to present them using Seinfeld clips(hat tip to @awbatchelor and @awaytoworthy for the idea.)

Once upon a time, Mary Willingham enjoyed her job and experienced a happy workplace.

Then Willingham decided to speak out against UNC regarding academic irregularities.

After that Willingham says the workplace become less than ideal for her.

She claims she was demoted and moved to an inferior office.

Willingham later met with Chancellor Carol Folt. Shortly after that she announced she would leave UNC at the end of the semester.

In her lawsuit Willingham is asking to be reinstated to her job at UNC.

Reinstatement seems unlikely which means some kind of settlement could be in the offing(3:52 mark.)