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Fedora Meets the Media at ACC Kickoff

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Larry Fedora took his turn talking to the media at ACC Kickoff.

Fedora hit on a variety of issues from the possibility of using two QBs to playing the most productive running back whoever that might be. Those two lines of thought alone support Fedora's outlook of every position being wide open. The Tar Heel coach didn't make much mention of the defense but focused on the offense. Fedora noted that much of UNC's success will hinge on the offensive line play and how quickly a young unit can adapt to the up-tempo offense.

There were a few NCAA questions focused mainly on Fedora's reaction the the NCAA coming back to campus. The NCAA's renewed interest is more of a headache on the recruiting trail for Fedora and his staff more so than concern over additional sanctions.

For a full rundown of Fedora's comments, here are tweets from the assembled media on what the Tar Heel coach had to say.