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Ryan Switzer Named Preseason All-ACC

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Sophomore punt returner/wide receiver Ryan Switzer was named to the preseason All-ACC as a specialist. He was the only Tar Heel named to the team which included Florida State getting nine players selected.

The full list can be found here.

One of the interesting things to watch this season with Swizter is how much his presence impacts what other teams do when punting to UNC. Old Dominion refused to kick to him at all and when they did he ran the punt back for a touchdown. Undoubtedly teams will go to great lengths to keep Switzer from popping big runs off.

UNC only getting one selection is not really a surprise as Carolina Blue's Brooke Pryor points out. UNC is a very young team with plenty of talent but most of it unproven. One of those is running back Elijah Hood who Larry Fedora says is picking up the system and can squat 605 pounds.

Preseason all-conference teams are notorious for picking out the known commodities and putting them on a team. Chances are some of UNC's more unproven players will perform at a level to work themselves into the All-ACC team that matters.

Either than or FSU will take all the spots.