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THB Tournament Second Round: #1 2009 vs #4 1986


#1 2009 vs #4 1986

Starters and Bench

2009 Pos 1986
Ty Lawson
PG Kenny Smith
Wayne Ellington
SG Jeff Lebo
Danny Green
SF Steve Hale
Deon Thompson
PF Joe Wolf
Tyler Hansbrough
C Brad Daugherty
Bobby Frasor
G Curtis Hunter
Larry Drew II
G Warren Martin
Ed Davis
F Dave Popson
Tyler Zeller

Mike Copeland

The only aspect of this match-up that might give you the slightest bit pause is what is happening at center and point guard. Tyler Hansbrough versus Brad Daugherty is intriguing to say the least. Both seniors in this game and Daugherty on his way to being the #1 overall pick in the NBA Draft. At point guard Ty Lawson versus Kenny Smith would be well worth the price of admission.

Where this probably falls apart for 1986 is they don't have the firepower or depth to deal with 2009. The 2009 champs had three players shooting around 40% or better from three. The 1986 team played before the three point line came in though Smith, Jeff Lebo and Steve Hale could hit threes if necessary.  In short, this game is probably hangs out in the one or two possession range before 2009 closes the door in the final five minutes.

In other words, just like the LSU game in 2009.