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THB Tournament First Round: #3 2007 vs #6 2006


#3 2007 vs #6 2006

Starters and Bench

2007 Pos 2006
Ty Lawson
PG Bobby Frasor
Wayne Ellington
SG Wes Miller
Reyshawn Terry
SF Reyshawn Terry
Brandan Wright
PF David Noel
Tyler Hansbrough
C Tyler Hansbrough
Bobby Frasor
G Marcus Ginyard
Wes Miller
G Danny Green
Quentin Thomas
G Quentin Thomas
Danny Green
Byron Sanders
Marcus Ginyard

Deon Thompson

Alex Stepheson

One would think two teams only a year apart would be match-up rather well with each other. That doesn't appear to be the case here thanks to three names: Ty Lawson, Wayne Ellington and Brandan Wright. The addition of the 2006 recruiting class to the 2006 Tar Heels resulted in a young, deep and talented 2007 team that eventually became the 2009 national champions. Still, the 2007 was pretty good in its own right, despite a few hiccups in some games related to inexperience.

The striking thing about 2007 is indeed the quality depth. In fact, given how Roy Williams loves to sub players, 2007 may have been a tad too deep. The thinning of the roster going into 2008 was no small factor in how well that team played once roles were better defined. In 2007, UNC could throw bodies on bodies at an opponent. It may be the most impressive roster in terms of depth in recent UNC history.

As for the match-ups, 2006 really doesn't have an answer for Wright and Lawson but probably could throw freshman Marcus Ginyard or Danny Green at Ellington. There wasn't much difference between Tyler Hansbrough in 2006 and his season in 2007 which says that would a wash. Reyshawn Terry as a senior was a better shooter than in his junior season giving 2007 an edge at the position. In addition to some noted offensive advantages, the 2007 Tar Heels were one of the best defensive teams of the Roy Williams era.

2006 was an endearing group that turned what was supposed to be a down season into a lot of fun. Being endearing probably is enough to stop the 2007 Tar Heels.