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THB Tournament First Round: #1 2009 vs #8 2010


#1 2009 vs #8 2010

Starters and Bench

2009 Pos 2010
Ty Lawson
PG Larry Drew II
Wayne Ellington
SG Will Graves
Danny Green
SF Marcus Ginyard
Deon Thompson
PF Deon Thompson
Tyler Hansbrough
C Ed Davis
Bobby Frasor
G Dexter Strickland
Larry Drew II
G Leslie McDonald
Ed Davis
F John Henson
Tyler Zeller
Tyler Zeller
Mike Copeland
David Wear

Travis Wear

I don't think this match-up warrants any kind of commentary or analysis. Heck, I am not even sure we need to vote do we? Can I just call it unanimous in favor of 2009 right now and move them to the next round?