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THB Tournament First Round: #2 1995 vs #7 1999


#2 1995 vs #7 1999

Starters and Bench

1995 Pos 1999
Jeff McInnis
PG Ed Cota
Dante Calabria SG Jason Capel
Donald Williams
SF Ademola Okulaja
Jerry Stackhouse
PF Kris Lang
Rasheed Wallace
C Brendan Haywood
Pearce Landry
G Max Owens
Pat Sullivan
G Ronald Curry
Serge Zwikker
F Brian Bersticker

This match-up is pretty cut and dry and a testimony(lest we forgot) how good the 1995 team was despite not winning the ACC Tournament and bowing out in the Final Four. Consider this, since the three point shot was introduced in college basketball, only four UNC teams have shot 40% or better from beyond the arc.

Team 3P% 3PA/FGA
43.6% 21.1%
1988 43.0% 20.7%
41.0% 31.5%
40.3% 30.4%

While 1987 and 1988 shot better from three, they also had fewer attempts and the perimeter shooting not as much of a factor in the offense. 1995 was different in this regard with a greater reliance on the three and the ability to make those shots with regularity. The 1995 team had five players shooting 39% or better from three. Pearce Landry and Jerry Stackhouse who attempted 58 and 90 threes respectively were at 41% and 39%. Donald Williams hit 40% of his threes on a team high 218 attempts while Jeff McInnis also hovered at the 40% mark on 112 attempts. Danta Calabria was the real sharpshooter hitting almost 50% of his 133 attempted threes.

That and 1995's five players in double figures led by Stackhouse's 19 ppg should be more than a match for the 1999 team that was comprised of role players left over from the 1997 and 1998 Final Four runs. As good as Ed Cota and Ademola Okulaja were they needed a couple of elite players beside them which would allow them to flourish as complimentary instead of primary options.

In short, this match-up probably plays out like a #2 vs #7 game should.