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THB Tournament Second Round: #2 1998 vs #3 1991


#2 1998 vs #3 1991

Starters and Bench

Pos 1991
Ed Cota
PG King Rice
Shammond Williams
SG Hubert Davis
Vince Carter
SF Rick Fox
Ademola Okulaja
PF George Lynch
Antawn Jamison
C Pete Chilcutt
Mahktar Ndiaye
F Brian Reese
Brendan Haywood
C Eric Montross

G Henrik Rodl

G Derrick Phelps

This match-up leans somewhat  in the favor of 1998 from a talent perspective. While 1991 does boast some size that could give Antawn Jamison and Ademola Okulaja some trouble, the talent gap is a little wider at the other positions. 1991 also sports some significant depth at key positions making that team better able to weather foul trouble and fatigue. It also should be noted there is a team/toughness aspect to 1991 much like there was with the 1993 team. 1991 strikes me as a more cohesive unit and has a distinct advantage with Dean Smith coaching versus Bill Guthridge.

So on paper 1998 looks good I would expect takes a win here but 1991 has some intangibles that could tip the scales.