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THB Tournament Final Four: #2 1984 vs #2 2008


#2 1984 vs #2 2008

Starters and Bench

1984 Pos 2008
Kenny Smith
PG Ty Lawson
Michael Jordan SG Wayne Ellington
Matt Doherty SF Marcus Ginyard
Sam Perkins
PF Deon Thompson
Brad Daugherty C Tyler Hansbrough
Joe Wolf F Alex Stepheson
Dave Popson
F<-->G Danny Green
Buzz Peterson G Quentin Thomas
Steve Hale
G Bobby Frasor

Before you look at the roster there is a point, on some abstract and probably emotional level, you think: "2008 might could win this game!" Then you look at the rosters and that notion is deflated a bit.

This game includes two Tar Heels who won NPOY honors in Michael Jordan and Tyler Hansbrough. It has perhaps the best point guard of the Roy Williams era in Ty Lawson against one of the few UNC point guards in this tournament not named Raymond Felton with the speed to keep up with him. Wayne Ellington was good, Michael Jordan was better. The small forward is probably a wash until Danny Green comes in the game then 2008 has an edge there. Hansbrough's brawn versus Brad Daugherty's size and athleticism is an interesting proposition and I probably shouldn't even mention Deon Thompson's name in the same sentence with Sam Perkins.

There is a lot of trouble on the interior for 2008, even as good as Hansbrough was that season. 2008 would be riding heavily on perimeter shooting to keep the game close. In the end, a highly experienced 1984 team that rolled the ACC at 14-0 is just too good.