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THB Tournament Final Four: #1 2009 vs #1 2005


#1 2009 vs #1 2005

Starters and Bench

2009 Pos 2005
Ty Lawson
PG Raymond Felton
Wayne Ellington
SG Rashad McCants
Danny Green
SF Jackie Manuel
Deon Thompson
PF Jawad Williams
Tyler Hansbrough
C Sean May
Bobby Frasor
G Melvin Scott
Larry Drew II
G Quentin Thomas
Ed Davis
F Marvin Williams
Tyler Zeller
David Noel
Mike Copeland

And here it is. The one match-up everyone would love to see. The one even the players themselves debate about since both have a banner in the rafters.

In terms of personnel, this is as much of a toss-up as you can get. Every position has minimal separation even down to the backup point guards. Granted one of those guys quit mid-season while the other remained loyal and ended up playing a huge role as a senior in a time of need. However in the context this season, it can't be much more even than this across the board.

2009 2005
Adj. Tempo 73.9 73.9
Adj. Offensive Efficiency 122.4 121.9
Offensive eFG% 52.8% 56.0%
Offensive 2P FG% 51.0% 54.1%
Offensive 3P FG% 38.5% 40.3%
FT% 75.6% 72.5%
Offensive Rebounding Rate 38.9% 39.7%
Adj. Defensive Efficiency 92.9 91.7
Defensive eFG% 46.6% 46.4%
Defensive 2P FG% 44.7% 43.7%
Defensive 3P FG% 33.6% 34.1%
Defensive Rebounding Rate 68.3% 68.5%

There are no clear answers. For every perceived edge for one team can likely be negated by a deficiency somewhere else. It's a toss-up in every sense of the word.

Have at it.