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THB Tournament Championship: #1 2009 vs #2 1984


#1 2009 vs #2 1984

Starters and Bench

2009 Pos 1984
Ty Lawson
PG Kenny Smith
Wayne Ellington
SG Michael Jordan
Danny Green
SF Matt Doherty
Deon Thompson
PF Sam Perkins
Tyler Hansbrough
C Brad Daugherty
Bobby Frasor
G Buzz Peterson
Larry Drew II
G Steve Hale
Ed Davis
F Joe Wolf
Tyler Zeller
Dave Popson
Mike Copeland

The question here is can 2009 fare better against 1984 than 2008 did? In the semifinals 1984 won the poll vote overwhelming and went 12-8 in the simulation. Is 2009 much better in this match-up than 2008 was?

It's possible for a couple of reasons. One is the three point shooting. UNC had three players on the floor in Ty Lawson, Danny Green and Wayne Ellington who all shot 40% or better from three. Secondly, Lawson was very, very good. Lawson's quickness and strength made him a force to get into the lane anytime he wanted and the ability to finish at the basket regardless of who was down there. Couple that with shooting 47% from three, Lawson was darn near impossible to guard. Lawson finished 2009 was the #1 player in KenPom for individual offensive efficiency at 134.3. This is also a team that was over 100 in offensive efficiency in every game they played.

Stopping the 2009 Ty Lawson would be a much more daunting task for Kenny Smith than stopping the 2008 version. On the flip side, 2009 stopping Michael Jordan is a question mark as is Tyler Hansbrough and Deon Thompson operating against Sam Perkins and Brad Daugherty. Jordan would likely get his points and then some while doing a respectable job keeping Wayne Ellington in check. The X factor could be at small forward where Danny Green likely comes out of the match-up with Matt Doherty with the upper hand.

In the end, 2009's pure offensive firepower, which was honed and firing on all cylinders, may be just enough to overcome 1984.