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College Coaches Like Marcus Paige

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

In yet another one of those CBS Sports informal polls of college coaches, several were asked which Division I player they would you pick. UNC guard Marcus Paige got 10% of the vote.

Today's question: If you could pick any Division I player and put him on your team for this season, which Division I player would you pick?

Frank Kaminsky (Wisconsin): 17 percent
Jahlil Okafor (Duke): 16 percent
Fred VanVleet (Wichita State): 15 percent
Marcus Paige (North Carolina): 10 percent
Montrezl Harrell (Louisville): 7 percent
Sam Dekker (Wisconsin): 5 percent

And this was the reasoning given for Paige by one coach.

"He really doesn't get enough credit for what he did for North Carolina last season. Won't surprise me if he's the National Player of the Year."


In fact since Paige isn't being given enough credit and Roy Williams is supposedly only the 16th best coach in the country, what happened last season at UNC was apparently just some random occurrence in nature.