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UNC Student Affairs Completes Investigation into Aloft Hotel Incident

Lance King

Via UNC release, the investigation by student affairs into the football team incident at the Aloft Hotel has been completed and turned over the the Student Attorney General for consideration.

"When the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill first learned of an off-campus incident that occurred Aug. 4, reports of that incident were taken very seriously, and a thorough review was immediately initiated.

Since the incident involved students, that investigation was conducted by the Office of Student Affairs as part of a well-defined process. The process also involved administrative notification to the University’s Department of Public Safety to ensure compliance with the federal Clery Act and proceeded – in a timely fashion – with the full cooperation of all departments involved.

The Office of Student Affairs has completed its investigation. On Wednesday (Sept. 10), the Dean of Students and the Office of Student Conduct provided the results of that investigation to the Student Attorney General as the next step in the student-led Honor System. The Student Attorney General receives reports of possible student behavior violations and independently determines whether to file disciplinary charges.

Because of the University’s commitment to protect the privacy rights of students and to protect the integrity of the ongoing process, the University will offer no additional comment at this time."

If you recall, the Honor Court disciplined football players in 2010 over academic issues stemming from the NCAA investigation into the program. In three of those cases, players were prohibited by the court from returning that season but did in 2011. The full details regarding how the honor court works can be found here. Essentially, there will be a decision the Student Attorney General to bring charges or not. If there are charges then the case will be heard by the court with a verdict, sanctions, etc. to follow.

Seeing that Larry Fedora has already docked four players a game over this incident it will be interesting to see where the student AG and the panel goes with this, if anywhere at all.