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Weekly Press Conference Recap

Grant Halverson

Coming off the bye week this is a lot of boilerplate. Fundamentals were worked on and it was "productive" because has anyone ever had a bye week that wasn't productive or fundamentals weren't worked on? (h/t @rellevent21)

One rare injury note from UNC. OL Landon Turner will miss the game against the Pirates due to injury. Jared Cohen will start in his place,

As it pertains to ECU, Fedora was impressed with their win over Virginia Tech and said ECU was "really good." It should be noted that this is Fedora's seventh straight season facing ECU.  He went 2-2 versus the Pirates at Southern Miss and is 1-1 against ECU at UNC.

For your consumption here is the recap from GoHeels TV which features Larry Fedora, Tim Scott and Ethan Farmer. Andrew Carter from the N&O has a fuller video of Fedora's remarks.

On the player side, safety Tim Scott and defensive tackle Ethan Farmer said all the right things regarding ECU. Farmer noted it was a "big-time rivalry" while Scott mentioned the players were well aware of what happened last season calling it an "embarrassment."  Scott also dropped this gem when talking about the performance of the defense so far this season.

It should be noted that "nut-cutting" apparently refers to an act of last resort or max effort when other options have failed. It apparently originates from cutting the actual nut off of a bolt if said nut is stripped or rusted. So we aren't talking about castration, at least I don't think we are. You never know with kids these days.

I told you ECU game week would be wild.