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What Do Blake Anderson, A Prank on Bryn Renner and Fainting Goats Have In Common?

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Sounds like the start of a joke.

Former UNC offensive coordinator and first year Arkansas State head coach Blake Anderson decided to have a little fun during a fake punt against Miami on Saturday. He instructed one of the players to "faint" on the field.

Via Vine.

The fake punt failed miserably, mainly because the pass was underthrown. The wider angle over at Deadspin shows a receiver was open but whoever the Arkansas State punter is, he's no Tommy Hibbard.

As it turns out, Anderson told's Chase Goodbread the inspiration came from his time at UNC.

First, it was designed, not improvised. Arkansas State coach Blake Anderson said the Red Wolves practiced the play all week, and Mays got more and more convincing with his collapse as the week went on. Second, it was not only designed, but inspired. Anderson was on the North Carolina staff last year when the team decided to pull a prank on quarterback Bryn Renner. That prank, known as the "Fainting Goat," in which all 22 players except Renner collapsed immediately after a snap during practice, has commanded more than a million hits on

Here is the prank on Renner.

To take the history even deeper, the prank above comes from actual "fainting goats" which have been compared to Duke basketball players in at least one video out there.