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Game Thread: UNC vs ECU

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

North Carolina at ECU, 3:30 PM, ESPNU

Game Preview

Opponent Preview

Statistical Comparison

Let's just say ECU folks are pretty high on themselves right now and with good reason. The Pirates dominated the game a year ago and everything we've seen so far says ECU is putting the better team on the field. UNC fans on the other hand, myself included, have been playing the lower expectations game all week. It's just easier to expect a loss even though it is really weird given that is goes against the natural order of these things.

Of course if UNC wins, it will be a lot of fun. This Tar Heel team certainly has a lot of potential. This game would be a perfect time to see UNC show up in a big way.

And here is your worthless stat of the day for this game: UNC is 2-0 on fields which have a mascot's head inside an outline of the state of North Carolina.

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