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Larry Fedora Press Conference Recap

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

The theme of the press conference? The team is moving on and putting the ECU loss behind them as quickly as possible. They reviewed the game film and the full attention of the team is turned towards Clemson. After all, there isn't much in the way constructive critique to be gleaned from an outing where the other team put up two games worth of yards and points in one afternoon.

Fedora defended UNC's much maligned defensive scheme saying the 4-2-5 is being utilized in other places and effective. He also notes that even conventional schemes would have struggled against ECU's offense though South Carolina and Virginia Tech would disagree with that statement. Both teams had their issues with ECU but also kept the Pirates under 30 points. Fedora did say that maybe how they schemed for ECU specifically was an issue.

UNC's tackling came up and Fedora noted that in some cases the offensive player is the reason the tackles are missed and in other cases it is a breakdown of fundamentals. Given the trend seen with tackling during the Fedora era, the latter is probably a bigger culprit than the former.

For the record, Fedora said a loss like this does give you pause to "reevaluate everything." Whether or not that results in any tangible changes to what UNC is doing remains to be seen.

Marquise Williams is still the starting quarterback and Mitch Trubisky will continue to see playing time. Fedora does not think the QB rotation impacts the flow of the offense.