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Caleb Pressley Continues to Be Completely Insane

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ESPN Video

Here's someone to cleanse your palate of the unpleasantness of last Saturday just before there is potentially more unpleasantness tomorrow.

UNC's former backup QB and now graduate assistant Caleb Pressley continues to be one of the more interesting and humorous individuals associated with UNC football. If you are unfamiliar with his work, here is his website which includes videos of him doing "man on the street" interviews at NC State and this bit at the UNC Football Ladies Clinic earlier this year.

Now that Pressley has moved to being the signal caller for the offense and wearing the NFL jersey of former Tar Heels on the sideline, the national media has taken noticed. USA Today's Nicole Auerbach did a nice feature on Pressley who has declared himself the "Supervisor of Morale" for UNC football.

This brief spotlight on Pressley culminated in an interview with ESPN's College Football Daily. The interview actually comes off as fairly awkward at times thanks to the sateillte delay and the fact Pressley doesn't come anywhere close to answering the questions in a way expected by host Matt Schick. If you want a good example of how scripted interviews can be from the questioner's side, this is it. Schick isn't sure quite there to go because Pressley's answers are all over the map.

Great news, apparently Pressley doesn't use "pharmaceuticals" to boost morale though after this weekend, that might change.

Speaking of the NFL jerseys, if Pressley doesn't wear Gio Bernard's Cincinnati Bengals jersey for the NC State game, he's doing it wrong.