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Tale of the Tape: San Diego State

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Here is your statistical look at UNC's match-up with the Aztecs of San Diego State.

North Carolina San Diego State
Conference ACC Mountain West
Record 1-0 1-0
AP Poll Rank #21 N/R
Points Per Game 56.0 38.0
Total TDs 8 5
Total Offense Per Game 443.0 399.0
Total Offense Per Play 4.8 6.1
Rushing Per Game 208.0 194.0
Rushing Per Attempt 4.3 5.2
Passing Per Game 235.0 205.0
Passing Per Attempt 5.2 7.1
Fumbles Lost 1 0
Interceptions 3 1
3rd Down Conversion 52.9% 50.0%
4th Down Conversion 0.0% N/A
Red Zone Conversion 100.0% 80.0%
Field Goals 0-1 1-2
Points Allowed Per Game 29.0 7.0
Total Defense Per Game 346.0 312.0
Total Defense Per Play 4.7 4.9
Rushing Per Game 157.0 124.0
Rushing Per Attempt 3.8 3.4
Passing Per Game 189.0 188.0
Passing Per Attempt 5.7 6.7
Fumbles Recovered 4 0
Interceptions 2 1
Sacks 1.0 2.0
Tackles for Loss 3.0 8.0
3rd Down Conversion 35.7% 33.3%
4th Down Conversion N/A 0.0%
Red Zone Conversion 100.0% 100.0%

You could also title this post, "What Happened Last Week."

Both teams(and the rest of college football save Cincinnati) have played just one game. In this case UNC and San Diego State cut their proverbial 2014 teeth on an FCS opponent. The Heels pulled away from Liberty 56-29 and the Aztecs rolled Northern Arizona 38-7.

Since this comparison is based on just one game the sample size is entirely too small to draw any real conclusions about what either team brings to the table. That being said, UNC's 4.8 yards per play would fall in line with the absence of big plays against Liberty and consistent with the Tar Heels settling for smaller chunks on the perimeter. The question going into Saturday night is whether that strategy changes and how much Larry Fedora opens up the playbook.