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Did the Clock Stop Last Night and No One Noticed?

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

It would appear so.

This video starting making the rounds last night shortly after UNC's 81-79 win over NC State. In a game that literally came down to the final two tenths of a second, there was a major clock snafu that benefited the home team.

The clock stops at 1:20 of game time and 21 seconds on the shot clock according to the on-screen graphic. That stoppage appears to take about 15 seconds but no one, not even the Tar Heel bench or players seem to notice. When Kennedy Meeks missed his turnaround jumper the shot clock resets but still doesn't move. The subsequent jump ball stops the action at which point the clock must have been fixed but without a review to see if time should be taken off. Since the game unfolded with NC State needing every tenth of a second to stay alive, 15 seconds added to the contest wasn't trivial.

It also may not have been the most egregious piece of officiating on that play. After Marcus Paige had collected the offensive rebound off the Meeks miss, NC State's Abdul-Malik Abu dove onto the Tar Heel guard and instead of a a foul being called it was whistled as a jump ball. If this had been a football game, Abu would have been flagged for a late hit but for some reason in basketball a defender is allowed to dive onto a player laying on the floor and get rewarded for it.

This is one of those cases where had the clock stoppage benefited UNC or happened in the Dean Dome, the incessant howling from Raleigh about John Swofford and conspiracies would be deafening.