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Yet Another Lawsuit Filed Against UNC

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

This one from former football player Devon Ramsay, the player who the NCAA permanantly banned before former NC Supreme Court justice Bob Orr got it overturned. The other plantiff is former women's basketball player Rashanda McCants, sister of Rashad McCants.

You can read the full text of the lawsuit here. The crux of the case is as follows.

The NCAA and UNC broke these promises and breached their duties to student - athletes in spectacular fashion. From 1989 to 2011, under the supervision and regulation of the NCAA, UNC steered hundreds of college athletes into sham "paper classes" that they were not required to attend, that required little to no work, that were not taught by a faculty member, and that involved no interaction with a faculty member. As one recent investigation by a former federal prosecutor (commissioned by UNC itself) concluded, UNC furnished "academically unsound classes that provided deficient educational instruction to thousands" over the course of two decades

Both McCants and Ramsay claim they didn't know the classes were improper. If that's the case and they diligently did the work as though the class were being graded by the faculty and using a normal standard, doesn't that mean they received a sound education? If someone properly researches and writes a 20 page paper on a topic, some form of education has occurred since the process itself would have been educational in nature i.e. they learned something?

Our very own Doc Kennedy offered his thoughts on the lawsuit via Twitter late Thursday night. Here is a collection of those tweets.