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Karl Hess Apparently Done as an ACC Referee

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

This interesting nugget from David Glenn this morning.

You may be asking what exactly brought about this move from the ACC? Bad officiating? Getting two of a school's former playing greats ejected during a home game? Calling a technical foul on a coach for asking for a timeout. (Sorry wrong referee, Jamie Luckie apparently is sticking around).

Nope, it turns out it was a highly questionable comment made to a fan at the Louisville-Wake Forest game on Sunday night.

Chris Moore at ACC Sports tracked down people who were sitting near Shah when this exchange occurred:

The source said there was no hostility behind Hess’ comment. The source said it did not come off as an attack or racially charged, but rather it was made in a lighthearted manner. The fans in Shah’s section weren’t offended — instead they found it bizarre.

As Moore notes, Shah is Indian-American so while Hess may have been making a joke, anything with an ethnic or racial element to it in that kind of situation is usually a very bad idea.

It should be noted Karl Hess will continue to find work as an official just not in the ACC. Despite the fan griping about his evident ego, the powers that be have always evaluated him to be a good official hence his getting plum assignments on a regular basis.

Which is going to make things really awkward when Hess is the official for an ACC team's game in the NCAA Tournament.