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Stewart, Hughes Indefnitely Suspended UPDATE: Both Players Charged With Misdemeanors

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More details on what happened with Stewart and Hughes. Incident occurred at 3:07 AM on October 4th and involved a fraternity

Originally Carter reported Hughes had been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. That was incorrect hence his lower bond than Stewart.

So there you have it. The two players in question were involved in some sort of altercation at a frat house and the alleged victims are pressing charges.


Via Andrew Carter on Twitter, Hughes has now been charged

Assault with a deadly weapon sounds worse than assault and batter. It also sounds like it would be worse than a misdemeanor. Still, Hughes bond was only $1000 while Stewart's was $2000.


Via the N&O's Andrew Carter, M.J. Stewart turned himself in tonight after being charged with misdemeanor assault and battery.

No word on Mike Hughes but as Carter notes, it will likely be the same assuming he is charged at all.

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This is why you can't have nice things UNC football.

Via UNC:

North Carolina sophomore cornerback M.J. Stewart and freshman cornerback Mike Hughes have been suspended indefinitely from football team-related activities for a violation of team rules related to an incident that occurred Sunday, Oct. 4, in Chapel Hill. Neither Stewart nor Hughes will play in Saturday’s game vs. Wake Forest.

"We have been aware of this situation since the night of the altercation and have been working closely with the University and Chapel Hill Police to gather relevant information," said head coach Larry Fedora.  "We hold our players to a high standard and M.J. and Mike will face the consequences for their involvement."

The bigger surprise here might be that that local media didn't report this first given the incident in question was 11 days ago. That and Larry Fedora's statement would seem to indicate no formal charges have been filed or arrests made hence there being no public records for anyone to find.

The immediate impact is UNC being without Stewart, who leads the Tar Heels with three interceptions and four pass break-ups. Hughes has been used primarily when UNC uses a nickel formation replacing Cayson Collins. UNC is presently ranked 8th nationally in yards per pass play allowed and 4th in passing yards per game allowed.

Wake Forest is 94th in yards per pass play and 39th in yards per game passing.