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Another Look at Marquise Williams 71-yard TD Pass to Ryan Switzer

Some interesting things packed into this one play.

-UNC right tackle Jon Heck does very little to block Pitt's Shakir Soto who gets to Marquise Williams fairly quickly. Soto reaches out and grabs Williams' facemask nearly pulling him to the ground. Obviously even if Williams goes down there, UNC is getting 15 yards and a first down.

-However Williams doesn't go down, he fights off the tackle, rights himself and looks downfield. He then takes a moment to adjust his helmet before unleashing his throw.

-Meanwhile downfield, Switzer is running with Pitt DB Pat Amara, throws his hand up to signal he's open then uses his speed to get separation.

-Williams set himself and throws a rope to Switzer who catches it in stride and finds the end zone, his fourth scoring play in three games against Pittsburgh.