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Player Profile: Joel James

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Joel James, Senior, F, 6-11, 280 lbs.

2014-15 Stats: 2.5 PPG, 1.9 RPG, 13.2 MPG, 45.1 FG%, 66.7 FT%

What Happened Last Season

After being plugged into the starting lineup a number of times over his first two years with inconsistent results, James settled into a regular and dependable role as a primary post sub. He started two games in the ACC Tournament as a result of Kennedy Meeks injury and delivered serviceable minutes  He became much more comfortable offensively in the post and developed his defensive ability in the post as well. Though his numbers went down somewhat, his effectiveness on the floor increased significantly. He was not nearly the offensive liability he once was and brought an element of toughness to the post as he eventually supplanted Desmond Hubert as the second post player off the bench.

Season Outlook

James will again be part of a deep and experienced post rotation, playing behind Brice Johnson, Isaiah Hicks and Kennedy Meeks. He will provide the beef inside when Meeks goes to the bench. The depth inside will again limit James' minutes to the 13-15 range. He will be very effective if he can provide 6 points and 4-5 rebounds per game. He will also again bring toughness and senior leadership to the team. He will need to continue to develop his offensive skills and, given his size, needs to be a better rebounder. Still, his role will be well-established and should continue to be the primary sub at the center position.