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Obligatory Brice Johnson Dunk and Scuffle Post

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, Brice Johnson followed a Joel Berry missed jumper with a nasty putback dunk in the closing minutes of UNC's 91-67 win over Temple. Then this happened.

The aftermath was actually more entertaining than the initial dunk and push. Nate Britt went running on the court which drew the ire of assistant coach Steve Robinson. Robinson yelled Britt's name repeatedly before getting his attention then sending him back to the bench. Britt was immediately ejected since leaving the bench area in that type of situation is a big no-no.

Johnson took exception to being shoved to the ground, went at Shawn Alston but was restrained by Justin Jackson with Theo Pinson running a nice pick to keep a second Temple player from entering the fray. The result was a technical foul on Alston, Britt was ejected and Johnson left the game(as he would have anyway on the next dead ball).

The question is how much was Johnson to blame for the altercation? CBS Sports Network analyst Steve Lappas put much of the blame on Johnson. He asserted that the hang on the rim was unnecessary and because he did that he created contact with Alston which provoked a reaction. Speaking for myself I am not totally convinced and even if Johnson is at fault for initiating contact, Alston's decision to push a Johnson in a vulnerable position is indefensible. For the record the officials ruled that Johnson was protecting himself and didn't issue a technical foul for hanging on the rim.

In the end the player who will likely take the most heat will be Britt. His ejection from the game was automatic per NCAA rules. It remains to be seen whether there will be additional discipline for him though the NCAA doesn't mandate a suspension for simply leaving the bench.