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Weekly Report Card: Miami

The Heels demolished Miami 59-21 on Saturday

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

After a calm start, the Heels exploded in the second quarter for 24 points to take a 31-0 lead into the half on Saturday against Miami. The Heels never looked back and ultimately cruised to a 59-21 win on Senior day in Chapel Hill. The Heels need one more win or a Pitt loss to clinch the ACC Coastal Division and play Clemson for the conference title. Carolina has looked like one of the best teams in the nation during conference play and the Heels are in the midst of their best season since 1997 (when I was 2).


#beatemdown: A

Carolina never looked in danger of losing this game. The Heels were crisp and smooth on offense while also playing smothering and active defense against the best offense they have seen all season. Carolina wrapped up the game in the second quarter and Miami never came close. The Heels played like a contender for the conference title in this game and effortlessly dispatched an inferior opponent at home.

Big Day from the Defensive Line: A

Carolina had its best defensive day against an FBS rushing attack on Saturday, limiting Miami to 2.7 yards per carry through meaningful action. The Heels clogged up rushing lanes and had their best pass rush of the year against the Canes. The defensive line did everything it needed to in this game for their most impressive performance of the year.

Keep the Red Zone Defense Strong: A

The best game of the season means there is not a whole lot to say here. The most impressive aspect of the red zone defense was that Miami never really threatened the Heels in their own territory so red zone defense was not even very necessary. This game was 45-0 before Miami scored. I'll give an A for that every week.