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UNC Moves to #17 in the CFP Top 25

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

The latest College Football Playoffs Top 25 rankings are out and UNC has moved from 23rd to 17th in the weekly poll.


There is a growing disconnect with that the media pundits are saying about UNC and how far CFP Committee is willing to go in ranking them. Again, UNC has the bad loss to South Carolina but at this point I am not sure that is hurting them more than the schedule. UNC had two FCS opponents and the best win on the schedule is Pitt. The unholy things UNC did to Duke and Miami don't carry as much weight given both those teams look like they are in a tailspin.

Of course all UNC can do is handle its own business. That means beating Virgina Tech and NC State to get a shot at #1 Clemson. That will be the golden opportunity to perhaps sneak into the top four or at worst snag a top tier bowl game. Even if the bowl situation doesn't work out I can't imagine many UNC fans complaining about being 12-1 and ACC Champions.

Update: Ryan Switzer agrees.