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Tale of the Tape: UNC-Virginia Tech

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

The numbers for UNC vs Virginia Tech

When UNC has the ball

UNC(Offense) Virginia Tech(Defense)
Points per game 42.0 24.0
Yards per game 495.0 336.7
Yards per play 7.59 5.32
Passing yards 280.4 170.9
Passing YPA 10.0 7.0
Rushing Yards 214.6 165.8
Rushing YPA 5.8 4.3
Turnovers 9 20
3rd Down Conv. 49.11% 32.9%
4th Down Conv. 55.56% 46.7%
Red Zone Conv. 90.00% 82.8%

When UNC is on defense

UNC(Defense) Virginia Tech(Offense)
Points per game 18.8 29.8
Yards per game 382.2 370.2
Yards per play 5.17 5.2
Passing yards 176.1 208.2
Passing YPA 5.8 7.1
Rushing Yards 206.1 162.0
Rushing YPA 4.73 3.8
Turnovers 20 15
3rd Down Conv. 41.06% 38.5%
4th Down Conv. 62.50% 54.6%
Red Zone Conv. 75.76% 85.4%

Given the high level of emotion involved in Frank Beamer's last game at Lane Stadium, the numbers might not mean as much as UNC hopes they will. Then again, there is still importance providing the Tar Heels continues to play at the level it has over the past two week. That is a turnover free, highly efficient offense which forces the opposing defense to make a choice. Commit to stop the run, Marquise Williams and his table of excellent wide receivers will make you pay(just ask Duke.) A decision to make the run beat you won't end well either thanks again to Williams but also to almost 1000 yard rusher Elijah Hood(just ask Miami.)

Needless to say UNC is a hot football team with an offense that seemingly scores at will. Virginia Tech's defense isn't vintage but good enough with plenty of talent to perhaps slow the Tar Heels down. That, however, might not be the issue for UNC. The Hokie offense, which has been rather pedestrian so far, could find enough traction to stick around.

One huge key for UNC lately is the lack of turnovers. UNC last recorded turnover was almost a month ago when UNC had two giveaways versus Virginia. In six ACC games, UNC has committed just four turnovers, that number and the turnover margin of 11 leads the ACC in conference only games. The Hokies have forced 20 turnovers this season versus 15 giveaways. If UNC's dominance is to continue adding to the latter while taking care of the ball will likely do the trick.