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Weekly Report Card: Virginia Tech

Carolina clinched its second ACC Coastal Division Title to book its first ACC Title game berth since 1981 with a win over Virginia Tech.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina beat Virginia Tech in Frank Beamer's final home game to win the ACC Coastal Division. The Heels almost blew the game down the stretch but rallied to win in the first overtime. With the win, Carolina hit a bunch of milestones; first ACC title berth since 1981, first 10 win season since 1997 and the first Coastal Division Title since 2011. The game itself was an ugly affair as the Heels failed to counter the emotion that the Hokies brought to the field. Carolina was able to pull the game out behind a strong defensive effort in overtime, but still caused fans a ton of anxiety.


Take the Air Out of the Crowd Early: C

Carolina got out to a slow start and failed to impose their superior quality on the Hokies early. The defense came out of the gate and played one of their most complete games of the season. The defense allowed the Heels' offense to have time to adjust to the atmosphere and ensure that Carolina never trailed. The offense needs to come out with more fire against State and Clemson if the Heels want to have any shot at getting to 12 wins.

Make Brewer Throw the Ball: A

Carolina did a great job of containing the run, limiting the Hokies to 2.8 yards per rush in this game. Carolina made the Hokies have to throw to win the game and it really improved the Heels' ability to win the game. Carolina's defense impressed with their focus and ability to combat the Hokies' emotion in this game, inspiring faith for their final match-ups with State and Clemson.

Play Professionally: B-

Carolina committed nine penalties on Saturday and Marquise Williams fumbled the ball twice in the fourth quarter with the game on the line. Carolina had multiple chances to put this game away and came up short until overtime. The Heels failed to shoot themselves in the foot as they have historically but also could have made this game a lot easier on themselves. Carolina needs to play more like they did against Duke and Miami if they want to win their next two games and have a potential shot at the playoff.