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Tale of the Tape: UNC-Texas

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

The numbers for UNC vs Texas.

North Carolina Texas
Record 7-1 5-3
Conference ACC Big 12
KenPom Rank #9 #48
Points per game 84.4 77.5
Adj. Off. Efficiency(Rank) 115.5(5th) 107.9(63rd)
Ad. Def. Efficiency(Rank) 93.5(18th) 96.8(50th)
Tempo(Rank) 74.0(34th) 68.6(263rd)
Offensive eFG% 54.2% 52.0%
Defensive eFG% 48.2% 43.0%
Field Goal % 49.2% 45.0%
2P FG% 54.3% 50.7%
3P FG% 35.9% 36.3%
FT% 70.2% 63.4%
Offensive Reb Rate 36.2% 36.1%
Defensive Reb Rate 78.6% 62.7%
TO Rate 16.1% 18.4%
FT Rate 32.7% 51.0%
3PA% 27.6% 39.1%

UNC heads on the road to face a Texas team that is bordering around 50th in KenPom. It should be noted this is UNC sixth straight game against a team in the KenPom Top 100, the seventh so far this season and if the rankings hold one of eight non-conference games against that group. So far UNC has played just two teams outside the top 100(Fairfield and Wofford) with a trio of teams from the 200s still to come(Tulane, App. State and UNCG.) This game is also the second true road game of the non-conference slate and one of six non-league games played away from Chapel Hill. While UNC's schedule hasn't included marquee type opponents it has been a test nonetheless.

Looking at the stats, there is one that really sticks out for the Longhorns. Texas is an awful defensive rebounding team despite having plenty of size. Prior to Texas feasting on 320th ranked UTSA on Tuesday, the Longhorns defensive rebounding rate was around 60%. It improved with that game to 62.7% which is still 328th overall. While UNC's offensive rebounding rate hasn't quite been as good as it was last season, it is still a respectable 36%, same as Texas on the offensive end. The notable difference from last season is the Tar Heels are cleaning up the defensive glass with a DR% of 78.6%. In case you are wondering that is the best in of the Williams era and it's not even close. The 2013 Tar Heels hold the title has Williams' best defensive rebounding team with a DR% of 72.9. Even with some slippage, this current team might end up being the best defensive rebounding team of the Williams era.

Also of note is Texas is one of the best teams in the country getting to the free throw line. The Longhorns have  FTR of 51.0%(8th overall). Texas also leaves points at the line shooting just 63.4% as a team which is 303rd nationally.  The team leader in FTA is Isaiah Thomas with 63 chances and 76% shooting percentage at the line. Tevin Mack is at 75% on 15-20 shooting and Eric Davis has hit 18-24 for 75%. The issue is center Cameron Ridley who has 37 attempts(2nd on the team) but just a 40% shooting. Since Ridley shoots 72% from the floor, fouling him isn't a bad idea. On the other hand, there are only so many fouls to give. That might mean more Joel James on the floor.

And here is your obligatory three point shooting mention. Texas is hitting 36.5% on threes and taking around 39.1% of all shots from beyond the arc.  Javan Felix(48%), Eric Davis(40%) and Connor Lammert(41%) lead the team in perimeter shooting. Tevin Mack is shooting 7-29 so far this season and hereby nominated as the random player to shoot well versus UNC.