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Tale of the Tape: UNC-Clemson

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Heels vs Tigers

North Carolina Clemson
Record 11-2 7-5
ACC Record 0-0 0-0
KenPom Rank #10 #102
Points per game 87.1 68.3
Adj. Off. Efficiency(Rank) 119.5(1st) 103.8(147th)
Ad. Def. Efficiency(Rank) 96.8(57th) 98.0(75th)
Tempo(Rank) 73.0(50th) 63.7(346th)
Offensive eFG% 54.8% 50.4%
Defensive eFG% 49.9% 45.3%
Field Goal % 50.0% 43.3%
2P FG% 55.8% 49.0%
3P FG% 34.6% 35.1%
FT% 73.7% 67.1%
Offensive Reb Rate 38.6% 32.1%
Defensive Reb Rate 73.7% 73.0%
TO Rate 14.5% 16.4%
FT Rate 33.8% 31.2%
3PA% 27.4% 41.0%

UNC enters ACC play with a couple of home games against 0-for-Chapel Hill Clemson and Georgia Tech.

The Tigers offer a solid challenge with a comparable defense to UNC's and an offense that thrives on three point shooting. Clemson attempts 41% of all shots from three and hits 35% of them. Since UNC tends to bring out above average efforts from the three point line that makes this a particularly dangerous game for the Tar Heels even though it is in Chapel Hill. Clemson has three players hitting 37% or better from three. Two of those, Donte Grantham and Avry Holmes are doing so with at least 50 attempts. Jaron Blossingame, who leads the Tigers in scoring, has hit 12-29 and is 59% inside the arc. Blossingame and Grantham have size which could draw a UNC post player outside.

Clemson is one of the slower teams in the country at 63 possessions per game. The only other ACC team that plays slower is Virginia(natch). The remainder of the teams in the league play at least three possessions or more per game. For most of the first 13 games, UNC has been able to keep the tempo at a tolerable rate. Clemson will test that as it is often difficult to speed the game up.