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20 Years Ago Today...

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

...UNC knocked off Duke 102-100 in double overtime.

For UNC fans this game is best remember for the "Stackhouse Dunk"(0:15 mark). I was a sophomore in college watching the game with a group of guys in the lounge of Hinshaw Dorm at UNC Greensboro. Everyone went nuts when Jerry Stackhouse dunked on what then Tar Heel broadcaster Mick Mixon called "fourteen feet of Duke post players."

As good as Stackhouse's dunk was, Jeff Capel's near halfcourt shot to send the game to double overtime is what most everyone else remembers. ESPN is the primary reason why since the Capel shot is used for every UNC-Duke commercial run by the network. In fact that highlight is so prevalent there is a decent chance many people think Duke actually won the 1995 game not UNC. That was apparently the case for at least one ESPN broadcaster a couple of weeks back.

For your reading pleasure be sure to check out the N&O beat writer Andrew Carter's ooral history of the game. It includes comments from Jeff McInnis, Phil Ford and Dante Calabria.