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UNC 89 GT 60: Postgame Interviews

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a tough and emotional two weeks for Roy Williams so it isn't necessarily surprising we got the first "calling out" of the home crowd today. In some respects, it was an odd fit given the focus was very much on Dean Smith but Williams apparently had enough of the Dean Dome crowd being subdued compared to road games where he says his players can't even hear him when he yells at them. The message?

"Come in and invest. We need some don't sit over there and feel like we have to entertain you, this is a team thing."

Tuesday night vs NC State is going to be really interesting.

Listen to Marcus Paige explain running the Four Corners and his understanding of the history behind it plus J.P. Tokoto breaks down his dunk.

Marcus Paige Georgia Tech Postgame Audio

JP Tokoto Georgia Tech Postgame Audio