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Roy Williams and Marcus Paige Press Conference

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

A few interesting nuggets here:

-Joel Berry did about "40-50%" of live practice on Thursday. Roy Williams doesn't know, as of this afternoon, if Berry will play versus Boston College since he hasn't seen how he responded to practice. Theo Pinson is still out and will be evaluated down the road.

-With all the talk surrounding the team about "buying in", Williams was asked extensively about Brice Johnson. The issue, Williams says, is not that Johnson doesn't buy in or even lacks the "want to" regarding what needs to be done. However there is some disconnect with Johnson doing what Williams needs him to do on a consistent basis. Johnson has made plenty of progress but still isn't quite where Williams wants him to be.

-If you were wondering, Williams doesn't know what Marcus Paige said in the locker room to his teammates and isn't worried about chemistry issues.

-Oh and that little clock snafu at NC State? UNC never got an answer from the ACC on that. I am guessing Bubba Cunningham doesn't make the same kind of fuss a certain AD in Raleigh makes seeing the Wolfpack got a clarification on a wrong call versus Wake Forest within 48 hours.