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Four Corners and the Magic of Carmichael

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Three videos which capture some of what I remember about Dean Smith on the court.

The first of Phil Ford running his Four Corners offense. Those raised four fingers are only second to "pointing to the passer" in Tar Heel hand signal lore.

Next is the retelling of the "8 points in 17 seconds" rally against Duke in 1974. This has all the elements of a furious late game UNC rally. The press, the timeouts and a well executed final play to tie the game. This game was one of many UNC comebacks in then Carmichael Auditorium.

The "magic of Carmichael" founds its way to the Dean Smith Center and in 1993, UNC staged an epic rally from 21 down versus Florida State. With around 10 minutes left in the game, Dean Smith called a timeout. My father said to me as we were watching the game, "This is it. They are going to come back now." Come back they did.