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ACC Tournament Second Round Open Thread

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Grant Halverson/Getty Images

ACC Tournament Second Round

#8 Clemson vs #9 Florida State, Noon, ESPN/ACC Network

#5 North Carolina vs #12 Boston College, 2:30 PM(approx), ESPN/ACC Network

#7 NC State vs #10 Pittsburgh, 7:00 PM, ESPN/ACC Network

#6 Miami vs #14 Virginia Tech

Despite yesterday's match-up of awful seeds, the Tuesday doubleheader produced two entertaining games which both contests decided by a point each. Georgia Tech fell to 0-9 against ACC competition in games decided by one possession or overtime. In the other game Wake Forest had three shots in the final seconds to win the game and couldn't hit any of them.

The second day could be as entertaining though Clemson-FSU stands to be a grind while NC State-Pitt should be a fairly intense game.