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THB Gets Two Bids in #NCTwitterBracket2015

The#NCTwitterBracket2015 pairings have been released. @tarheelblog has been seeded #6 in the 828 region while @Docheelfire was will make his first ever appearance in the event as a #14 seed in the 919 region.

"Obviously we are pleased with the inclusion of two THB writers in the field," @tarheelblog said. "I think it speaks both to our depth as a blog and the respect we hold with the selection committee."

@tarheelblog will take on the #11 seed @austin_johnson when voting opens at 10 AM on Tuesday morning. @docheelfire has the monumental task of knocking off David Glenn Show producer @dhpiv in the first round. @Docheelfire is well aware of how tough a task this will be.

"@DHPIV is such a formidable opening round opponent. There is nothing he doesn't do well. No one will be giving me much of a chance but they didn't give the Hickory Huskers much of a chance either and we see how that turned out."

@tarheelblog will be seeking a second straight trip to the Sweet Sixteen however there are concerns his quick trigger blocking style may be off putting to the voting public and cost him some support. @tarheelblog dismissed this as a key factor.

"I don't think that will matter. Besides I will make no apologies for keeping my mentions clean of trolls and mouth breathers. You want to fire Roy Williams or make a worn out academic scandal joke do it at someone else."

Defending champion @lebrownlow is again the favorite to take the title with former DTH sports editor and current Carolina Panthers beat writer @jjones9 set to give challenge her.

Note: While this is all for fun, it also benefits a great cause the MeFine Foundation. Here is more info on how you can contribute.