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Roy Williams PC: Meeks Status Still Unclear

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

If you were looking for a definitive status on Kennedy Meeks for UNC's Sweet Sixteen match-up against Wisconsin on Thursday you will be sorely disappointed.

Roy Williams had very little information on Meeks' injury to his right knee other than to say it was still being called a sprain and the Charlotte sophomore due to consult with the doctor to discuss the results of the MRI some time after 2:00 PM. Williams did confirm what many had seen on the TV broadcast that Meeks said he heard a "pop" when his knee was rolled up on by a falling Arkansas player. Meeks has been undergoing treatment for the injury since UNC returned from Jacksonville. Williams also indicated he didn't view the injury in the same light as he did injuries to Sasha Seymore or Bobby Frasor who both suffered torn ACLs.

The question is whether UNC will release any information at all about Meeks prior to Thursday's game. Williams said that unless the news were dire, further updates might not come until later in the week. There is an element of gamesmanship here and taking Meeks off the proverbial chess board now would give Wisconsin a clearer picture from which to prepare for UNC. Keeping Meeks' status under wraps at least forces Wisconsin to prepare as though he will play.

Aside from the injury report, the press conference had some fascianting moments. One was Williams expressing dislike for the postgame celebration in the locker room going public. Williams prefers those moments be private between him and his players. As such, he says he wants to review what is shown to the public saying the locker room is "my building."

And every wondered what's behind the laments about his coaching in the postgame press conferences? Starting at the 21:55 mark Williams gets a question on it and provides an explanation for those remarks which have become a staple of his comments following a UNC loss and sometimes a win.

Marcus Paige also met with the media. Fun fact: Paige was recruited by Wisconsin but never offered a scholarship. The reason being Wisconsin's scholarship numbers were in flux and the Badgers were waiting on a decision from a local player: J.P. Tokoto.