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Dean Smith Will Included $200 for Each of His Players

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

I did a Fanshot for this earlier but now it deserves even greater attention.

In case you missed it, this Tweet from @ChestPassDemps on Twitter shows a letter to former Tar Heel Dante Calabria from Dean Smith's trust which included a check for $200. Smith had left instructions in his will for every player to receive a check as a final gift to them.

SB Nation contacted Tim Breedlove, the lawyer handling Smith's estate who confirmed the letter was real and that a similar letter had been sent to 180 former UNC players.

I would imagine many of the players' reactions will be similar to what Serge Zwikker told ESPN's Darren Rovell

The math comes out to about $36,000 but the magnitude of the gesture may be immeasurable. Dean Smith's loyalty to his players survives even his death.