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Elite Eight Saturday Open Thread

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The schedule

West Regional Final: #1 Wisconsin vs #2 Arizona, 6:09 PM

Midwest Regional Final: #1 Kentucky vs #3 Notre Dame, 8:49 PM

I don't know how aware of Notre Dame history the Irish players are but if I am Mike Brey I probably talk a little about January 19th, 1974. That was the day Notre Dame beat UCLA and ended the longest winning streak in college basketball history. The Bruins had been a dominant force in college basketball and that win by the Irish put an end to an 88 game winning streak.

Kentucky sits at 37-0 and while the list of teams equipped to give the Wildcats trouble is a short one, Notre Dame's explosive offense certainly is capable. The Irish can spread the floor and hit threes plus Jerian Grant will be a handful. The problem for Notre Dame will be the lack of size against a team that has two lottery pick big men on the court.

In the West Regional, Arizona will look to avenge last season's Elite Eight loss to Wisconsin and send Sean Miller to his first ever Final Four.