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No, UNC Didn't Receive a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA

Look out, the NCAA is right behind you Roy!
Look out, the NCAA is right behind you Roy!
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to 2015.

A minor firestorm erupted late last night and into today regarding a statement Kinston(NC) High School and five star recruit Brandon Ingram made regarding something he'd been told by Roy Williams about the NCAA's investigation into Tar Heel athletics.

In this interview(starting at the 2:00 mark) with ESPN on Ingram's recruitment the high school senior is asked what he had been told about UNC's NCAA troubles. Ingram responds that he had been told UNC "got the allegations on April 17th."

Wait...what? Did UNC receive the notice of allegations from the NCAA and didn't release it? Was the announcement of a new brand really to deflect attention from the NCAA? What are they trying to hide?????? To the flow chart!

Actually no, according to a UNC spokesperson this morning, UNC has not received a notice of allegations.


So what happened?

First of all, common sense dictates that the information isn't leaking out in this manner. If UNC had received the NOA but hadn't released it, Roy Williams isn't going to tell a recruit about it. The only way this works is if he decided to give Ingram a heads-up before it was made public but even then you have to assume Williams knows UNC has the NOA and knows what's in it which is also not likely. There is also the issue of Williams even having communication with Ingram since Friday. Ingram has been in the midst of in-home visits since last week which probably means he isn't actively talking with other coaches outside of those.

The most likely explanation is April 17th was some sort of expected due date for the NOA and that was passed on to Ingram at some point in the not to distant past. When Ingram said UNC had received them, he was operating on the assumption the NCAA isn't a bureaucratic behemoth moving at a snail's pace that routinely blows off due dates, deadlines and timetables. The NCAA didn't come through with the NOA on Friday but Ingram has no way of knowing that so when asked he answered as best he knew.

What it means is Roy Williams heads to his in-home visit with Ingram today still not knowing what the allegations are against UNC. If the NOA had arrived, UNC would have a firm grasp on what the men's basketball program has been accused of, if anything at all. Guessing the sanctions based on the allegations is still a foolhardy endeavor but if the NOA is light on implicating the men's basketball program, it gives more credence to the notion UNC won't receive a postseason ban in 2015-16. At the very least, an NOA would give Williams something concrete to spin versus the thin air of uncertainty.

As it stands, UNC's situation is same as it was last fall when Ingram has said he likely would have committed were it not for the NCAA uncertainty. That uncertainty continues to act as a de facto sanction since it damages UNC's ability to effectively recruit as evidenced by Ingram's hesitancy to commit.  The dynamic has now changed with Duke locking up an elite point guard for next season and offering more playing time on the wing. The tea leaves, at this stage, seem to indicate Ingram is leaning towards being in Durham next season.