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Player Review: Nate Britt

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a look back at the 2014-15 season for the returning Tar Heels. Today we look at sophomore Nate Britt


Nate Britt 38 15.3 5.5
38.4% 36.6% 88.8% 109.5

Season summary

Nate Britt entered the season as the backup at point guard and along with Joel Berry was slated see plenty of minutes possible in a three guard lineup when the circumstances warranted. For the most part the season played out that way with Britt, having changed his shooting hand in the offseason, showing some improved perimeter shooting. The injury to Joel Berry gave Britt even more playing but with Berry's return, Britt was relegated at times such as playing just two minutes versus Harvard in the NCAA Tournament.

While Britt struggled through slumps he was also given to provide big minutes. In the win over Syracuse in Chapel Hill, Britt made a career high four threes on his way to 17 points. He followed that effort up with 10 points at Louisville. His 11 point outing against Duke including a late three point play put the Tar Heels on the cusp of pulling off a big win. In the second round game against Arkansas, Britt scored 10 points and was 5-5 at the line.

What to expect next season

The question facing Britt next season will be how much he plays with the emergence of Joel Berry as the first, best option to play point guard assuming Marcus Paige isn't doing it. Then again the departure of J.P. Tokoto and absent another backcourt/wing addition, Britt is still in line for 12-15 mpg. There are certain games which will better suit Britt than others and figuring those out will be crucial to maximizing Britt's skills.

Britt's three point shooting, a dramatic improvement after the shooting hand switch, stands to be a key component coming off the bench. Britt showed himself to be a capable perimeter shooter and if he can continue to do that, it will only bolster the bench scoring. Defensively Britt, along with other UNC perimeter players, struggled to stop dribble penetration. Given Britt's quickness, he can be part of the solution on the defensive end.

As was the case last season, Britt will see the court plenty, possible in the three guard set as needed but most likely as the primary backup to Berry if Paige is off the ball or part of a combination of perimeter players in Roy Williams lineup shuffle. Britt probably isn't going to be a consistent offensive force but there will be games where a couple of made threes here or some made free throws there will provide a significant boost. Those instances will far outweigh any struggles Britt may have.